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mind vs mind December 12, 2008

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Paradox is a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet is perhaps true. Paradoxical thinking is holding two opposing ideas at the same time. Nowadays, thinking out of box is already out-of-date. The new one is we need to thinking a new dimension from A to Blue.

There are Myths about creativity that existed in the world such as; Creative people are born not made. I really not agreed with this myth because people can be creative from the change in their thinking and environment. Second is Creativity involves play and laughter. I agree with his one because creativity for me means having fun and just “shout out” what is in the mind. The last is Creativity and discipline does not mix. The principles of creativity are: Interpret words differently. Work with others, especially those who differ from you. Create analogies and metaphors. Make yourself a little uncomfortable. Practice is option-widening and reframing. Play and laugh. Spend a little time each day. Think “I’m a creative person!”

Creative thinking I think is requires some aspect from us. First is time. Creativity couldn’t limit by time, it could not working under pressure condition. Also creativity needs a lot of energy we had, because as a creative people, we cannot only sit back and quiet. It means not expressing ourselves out. Practice makes perfect. It related to creativity too. Creative people not just being born it, but do a lot practice in daily. Last is commitment. This thing is very sure. It just not in creativity required, but in life it’s very important to do something “masterpiece”.


Good Grades without Being a NERD September 22, 2008

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When you are smart, you sometimes can face ridicule from classmates. Lecturers recognize your intelligence as hard work, while other students might only recognize it as kissing up or being a “nerd” You shouldn’t have to hide your intelligence, I think these ways is very compatible with your “PEOPLE” environment

Practice self restraint when raising your hand to answer questions. Most lectures will recognize your hard work through other means and keep your in class answering to a minimum.

Stay organized by keeping track of assignments and test dates. This doesn’t mean you need to carry a big organizer. It doesn’t make subjecting you to more teasing.

Review it again. I think, the “read again” thing can very improve your memory about what had been thought in that day and you will remember it longer than you just hear the lecturers said.

Relax. Overly eager to learn can bring potentially negative attention your way.

Do quality work. Slacking off in school to avoid being labeled as a nerd or know-it-all only hurts you in the long run.


Inspire Yourself?

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Sometimes you need a boost to get CREATIVE content flowing, to get inspiration on ART

First thing, Get comfortable with yourself like your taste, favorites and try to implement in daily activity and CREATE YOUR “OWN” SELF. Then, Using your ruler, draw a straight line diagonally across page. Begin in the top left corner and draw down to the bottom right corner. Now do the same thing on the opposite side of your paper. Using your ruler, draw a line from the top right corner, diagonally down the page and ending at the bottom left corner. You should now have an “X” or your POSITIVE IMAGE / CHARACTERISTIC. Now, take your ruler and draw lines connecting to the other lines. You might make boxes of various sizes, or you might create something asymmetrical and interesting. Continue drawing connecting lines with your ruler until you are satisfied. Next step Since you are probably tired of drawing lines by now, go ahead and add free-hand curves to your design. Now is when your creativity will begin to blossom.
With color, you will bring your design to life and you may be surprised at how much you like it! For added punch you can go back and define your lines with heavy black marker. The more elements, the happier you’ll be with your inspiration piece.

The RESULT, you should be quite ready to spend the next few hours in the bliss known only to creative minds.


Perception is not merely Reception

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Objective reality is just the brain’s best guess about what the eyes observe, the ears hear and the fingers touch.

Usually, we have own perception about something different with creativity. Like I say before, creativity cannot described by words, and picture. Creativity can diverse the meanings.


Basic CREATIVITY September 21, 2008

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Creativity is about the generation of ideas and divergent thinking.

The Creative Process: Creativity is a complex process and it is really a part of most non-programmed decisions. Creativity is not something which can be saved for special occasions.

I can tell based on the pictures, as a human we have 2 main sections in brain which are, right and left. Our right brain is divided into 4 sections like we can see the information from the picture.

Generally, Right-brain thinks creatively and left brain thinks logically. And most designers and creative professional use right-brain in the creative process. However, being successful takes more than being good at what we do. The function of left-brain is showing build a personal brand and making your presence felt.

Without creativity, humanity would still thrive in caves. There is no argument against creativity being an important aspect of our society, there is, however, a question whether creativity is spawned by mental disorder. Albert Einstein came up with ideas that seemed impossible or eccentric. Froyd’s psychology Theorems were laughed at, but now widely used and accepted. Both men were highly successful with their work. Einstein was considered a slow person and mentally in capable by his teachers. Froyd was an excellent student and was considered above average in all his school work. Both men were labeled as geniuses, and both men suffered from some kind of depression. Creativity must go beyond the bounds of what already is known or deductible by reason. It is creativity that is the soul of the inventor, painter or poet. Creativity is not equal among most people and in fact is hindered by self censorship, that inner voice of judgment that confines our creative spirit within the boundaries of what we deem acceptable. Creativity is the generation of novel, useful, and predictable ideas that may meet perceived needs or respond to opportunities for the organization. In other words; creativity is seeing analogies where no one else sees them. Actually creativity is the essential first step in innovation, which is vital to long term organizational success


Views on Creativity September 15, 2008

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Traditional Views

In a long time ago, CREATIVITY was considered as irrational idea and intuitive mystic processes. “Old” people only think basically based on scientific and realistic, so they cannot accept what it is not in scientifically investigated. They only think about fact and logic. Also creative is out of the way made old people think it is bad.

Modern views

In modernization, people understand creativity even; they need it to keep easy their life. They think creative ideas do not emerge accidentally or randomly and comes from analyzable process. So it can be tested, explained and scientifically. “New” people think creativity can working with problem in a long period. With creativity, the problems can be solved with efficient ways. People feels creativity brings many advantages to their modern life or life with technology. By learning and involving in creative activity, people can practice it in their real life, for them or for helping other people.


Spaces Theory

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Conceptual Spaces

Creativity is a matter of mapping and exploring structured conceptual spaces that have various dimensions, limits, pathways, and levels

Creative ideas emerge through in-depth exploration of an existing conceptual space

Deeply creative ideas transform and sometimes profoundly alter conceptual spaces. Exploration through complex spaces requires a great deal of effort

Example: Body grammar – a computer program producing varieties of line drawing. In behavioral, humans play with beach balls.

Klondyke spaces

“Gold is rare and might be isolated.” It is the concept of this theory

Leaving the current even only temporarily exhausted. The source may be risky

Gold may be absent and no one direction is obviously best

You cannot directly go to the gold, but experience or your way will helps