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“KOLAK” Barterder September 22, 2008

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During Ramadhan, many new entrepreneurs try their luck in the food business as people are on the lookout for typical Ramadhan dishes and drinks, such as kolak. Kolak is a sweet compote made of cassava and banana in coconut milk. There are many budding entrepreneurs like Sandi on the city’s sidewalks. Even in Medan, there is Kolak Bartender

I always think Bartender’s image is identic with alcohols and liquor. But, I watched TV yesterday and I saw Kolak Bartenders…

The KOlak Bartenders make kolak with shaker. The components are still same with ordinary kolak which are bananas, kolang-kaling, candil etc. I was wondering how about the taste? maybe its little confusing us ya with the appearance.

Do you ever have thinking about blending kolak? nope. When I hear that news, i directly think,”WOW Its creative way very rare and different”

its bartenders very creative. they have their own way to attract customers with something “NEW”

its make people wondering the taste of this kolak. Me, actually curious about the taste, delicious or not? but the place is too far. I think almost all people in Medan, already tried this NEW KOLAK


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