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Good Grades without Being a NERD September 22, 2008

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When you are smart, you sometimes can face ridicule from classmates. Lecturers recognize your intelligence as hard work, while other students might only recognize it as kissing up or being a “nerd” You shouldn’t have to hide your intelligence, I think these ways is very compatible with your “PEOPLE” environment

Practice self restraint when raising your hand to answer questions. Most lectures will recognize your hard work through other means and keep your in class answering to a minimum.

Stay organized by keeping track of assignments and test dates. This doesn’t mean you need to carry a big organizer. It doesn’t make subjecting you to more teasing.

Review it again. I think, the “read again” thing can very improve your memory about what had been thought in that day and you will remember it longer than you just hear the lecturers said.

Relax. Overly eager to learn can bring potentially negative attention your way.

Do quality work. Slacking off in school to avoid being labeled as a nerd or know-it-all only hurts you in the long run.


One Response to “Good Grades without Being a NERD”

  1. apiqquantum Says:

    the good tips.

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