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2 Men BEHIND Google September 22, 2008

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google founder

google founder

As a university student, you must know what Google is. Especially, SBM-ITB gives many case assignments (which are over my limit) that happened in world. For observation those cases, I usually “Googling” them. I think “the people” who found or built Google is very creative. It’s very helpful for me (it easier my way to get the answer) also for other people of course. It shares knowledge, information and data all around the world. With just clicking the “words” we can get much information that out of our expectation.

Google Inc. is a public company in U.S which acts as internet searcher and online ads. This company was built by Larry Page and Sergery Brin project. These 2 Men whose I described as “men with unlimited creativity”, was a Ph.D student in Stanford. Google in 1997 was registered with name “Google Inc” .Google’s pages have simple layouts and attract many internet users because of the easy usage. The name of “Google” comes from the wrong word from “Googol” that shows many numbers like 10100. Now the “Google” word has the own meanings in Oxford Dictionary, The searching machine to get Information. It patented at September 4th, 2006 with Lawrence Page as the inventor. They make “relaxed” working condition in Google Inc. This culture became number 1 from Fortune Magazine. Google’s philosophy is “You can generate money without some vandal, you can work serious without uniform and Work should be daring, daring should be fun”.

first google logo

first google logo

Google’s logos always change as the important day happen. When Christmas time, their logo became Santa Claus .When thanksgiving time, their logo become gifts and many more. It shows their creative idea to attract people. After the IPO in 2004, Brin, and Page request to cut their salary $1 for the balance the stock performance and their wealth that is direct cross.



In the first time, they only have a GARAGE as their workplace but in 2003 they have their own office complex, named “Googleplex”. Googleplex word is like Cineplex or Multiplex. The lobby is decorated by many lava lamp and piano. They make their employee can access the entertainment center on Googleplex. They always name their asset or product from Google word and change creatively. Like the name of Googling which means browsing with Google. There’re another men who made a new vocabulary on dictionary except them.

Brin and Page make there isn’t limitation or difference between Up, Middle, anddown employee’s position. They create teamwork and relaxed condition. It makes employees can explore their potential more and produce the best skill they had.


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