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Views on Creativity September 15, 2008

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Traditional Views

In a long time ago, CREATIVITY was considered as irrational idea and intuitive mystic processes. “Old” people only think basically based on scientific and realistic, so they cannot accept what it is not in scientifically investigated. They only think about fact and logic. Also creative is out of the way made old people think it is bad.

Modern views

In modernization, people understand creativity even; they need it to keep easy their life. They think creative ideas do not emerge accidentally or randomly and comes from analyzable process. So it can be tested, explained and scientifically. “New” people think creativity can working with problem in a long period. With creativity, the problems can be solved with efficient ways. People feels creativity brings many advantages to their modern life or life with technology. By learning and involving in creative activity, people can practice it in their real life, for them or for helping other people.


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