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10 PARADOXES December 13, 2008


Paradox is a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet is perhaps true. Paradoxical thinking is holding two opposing ideas at the same time. Nowadays, thinking out of box is already out-of-date. The new one is we need to thinking a new dimension from A to Blue.

There are Myths about creativity that existed in the world such as; Creative people are born not made. I really not agreed with this myth because people can be creative from the change in their thinking and environment. Second is Creativity involves play and laughter. I agree with his one because creativity for me means having fun and just “shout out” what is in the mind. The last is Creativity and discipline does not mix. The principles of creativity are: Interpret words differently. Work with others, especially those who differ from you. Create analogies and metaphors. Make yourself a little uncomfortable. Practice is option-widening and reframing. Play and laugh. Spend a little time each day. Think “I’m a creative person!”

Creative thinking I think is requires some aspect from us. First is time. Creativity couldn’t limit by time, it could not working under pressure condition. Also creativity needs a lot of energy we had, because as a creative people, we cannot only sit back and quiet. It means not expressing ourselves out. Practice makes perfect. It related to creativity too. Creative people not just being born it, but do a lot practice in daily. Last is commitment. This thing is very sure. It just not in creativity required, but in life it’s very important to do something “masterpiece”.

1.       I think creativity must need “high physical energy“. But it means in other words, the high energy means toward to the brain or mind. To make something creative, people must use all in their brain to be out of their mind in unique ways. Also, in create something creative; people do not know what time is because creativity cannot be working under pressure condition. It must as free as they could get. Usually when making something, they might forget to take a break or eat because they don’t want to slower their project. If there is “another” project they must done, their minds will distract and couldn’t get the previous idea developed. That is why they often rest and sleep a lot which makes them quieter than other. Creative people have different “way thinking” from normal people.

There are some people who could be their selves if they’re alone because they still not trust what people had in the life. A creative person is controlling their energy under their personal control. Who else could control it? No one.

2.       A creative person doesn’t mean they have to be smart in all aspects and high IQ. Based on psychological research it is a “G Factor”. The person couldn’t be having too high or too low IQ in generating creative work, it might be but difficult. They have their own “point of view” different with normal people. Usually people think “A” they think “Blue.  There is a flexibility and of course, capability in changing their perspective. They usually choose unusually ideas or event. It’s combining their lowest and highest thinking or child and adult thinking. Te “child” thinking is dominating on both emotional and mental.

3.       Its contrast with the creativity myth, which creativity and discipline couldn’t mix together. This paradox related to number one. Because of the “child” thinking dominated the mind; they enjoy every little thing they did. Playfulness is an image of them I think. But the “wild” things is not gone far, it’s limited to their “adult” thinking as the discipline.

4.       Creativity is identical with impossible for other people often. I think it’s not fully true because in their perspective they still live in real world which produce a real Science still very existed couldn’t interpret what creativity is, like to religion. But later, people will see there is a real explanation or the idea is becoming true. Like I think, now is very impossible to having flying car, but I believe someday (I don’t know when), it will be exist in real life. We can see it from development of technology that happened now. What is impossible thing for us? I always think that all will be happen if we have niat. Only “eat our head” that is impossible.

5.       Creative people tend to be both extroverted and introverted. As a normal people usually it can be seen they are one of it if we are going in public area. On a creative person, we cannot see it from appearance or performance, because simultaneously they’re having both. Remember, they have high flexibility.


6.       They can be angel and devil at the same time you know. They are very aware where they stand. They need to be accomplishing a great deal but its built sense of security for them, pride.

7.       Based on research, creative people whose female, it can be seen they different from other female girl. They tend to be talented and able to do many things and not as “weak” as other girl like girl always do crying, not logic, and shy. But creative boy just as reverse to that. They tend to be weaker than other boys. They have more sensitive feeling and not as tough as other boy. Recently, I think because of they have their strength on both sexually. It makes them different and usually people are executing them from life.

8.       I really agreed with creative people is conservative. It always contrasts with the environment which usually have traditional point of view. Also, it makes them at the first is not accepted. They’re taking the risks to develop their perspective. They’re not afraid to be center of attention in public. That’s why there is innovation. The traditional people is too afraid to do it, they have a lot consideration for their normal life.

9.       We could see creative people are very passionate about their work even it takes long time. They can put a side other things to make perfect their project but usually they could not accept critic or correcting on their ideas. They want their project perfect, not deformity.

10.   I think creative people have their own world. They prefer to close it to public and usually creative people are being nerd in their life. The reason is they didn’t want something involve too deep because if they lose it they feel they won’t get back their feeling. It shows they have sensitivity as we had. If something goes wrong, it’s very bother them.


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